Communication resources

Guide | Reclaiming health activism in the age of the climate crisis

Our step-by-step guide for health care professionals who want to organize campaigns, events, and collaborate with other groups to maximize impact.

Campaign and advocacy guide

Guide | Mastering media interviews to promote climate and health

This document introduces basic interview techniques, and practical tips for preparing for interviews and tackling difficult questions.

Mastering media interviews to promote climate and health

Guide | Journalism and climate change (in Spanish)

This guide builds on the experience of Latin American journalists and provides tools for incorporating health when covering climate change topics.

Guía para la cobertura periodística desde un enfoque de salud

Guide | Visual storytelling for health professionals

Health professional experiences are powerful, can shift behavior, and compel action. This guide provides tools and resources to bring stories to life.

Visual storytelling guide - Cover

Guide | No vaccine for climate change: a new communication guide for health care professionals

Developed by Healthy Energy Initiative, this guide can help health care workers to embark on conversations on the health impacts of climate change.

No vaccine for climate change - Cover

Guide | Real, urgent & now: Communicating the health impacts of climate change

This resource by the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) helps health professionals speak about climate change and health, and advocate for action.

Communicating the health impacts of climate change - Cover

Course | Climate and health leadership training program (in Spanish)

This course offers information and communication tools to guide health care professionals in Latin America to develop environmental leadership skills.

Liderazgo de la salud por el clima

Course | Climate journalism (in Spanish)

This online course was developed in 2022, and directed to journalists and communication professionals ahead of the COP27 climate summit in Egypt.

Curso de periodismo climático

Course | Communicating climate change (in Spanish)

This course is aimed at people who, in their professional fields, want or need to apply different communication strategies to promote climate action.

Communicating climate change

Resources | Glossary of climate change (in Spanish)

What is climate change? What are GHG, GCP, CO2eq, or NDC? This glossary includes commonly-used terms used in the climate change and health narrative.

Climate change glossary

Resources | Communications & advocacy toolkit for Southeast Asia

This toolkit provides resources and tools to help health professionals and climate advocates campaign for a healthy climate and an equitable future.

Climate and health communications and advocacy toolkit for health professionals and climate justice advocates in the region - Cover

Video | Introduction to climate negotiations for health care professionals (in Spanish)

Speakers discuss international climate negotiations and propose strategies for Latin American health professionals to advocate for a healthier planet.

Video | Introduction to climate negotiations for health care professionals