Climate and health

Advocating for healthier people on a healthier planet

Climate change is one of the greatest crises currently affecting humanity, our health, and our well-being. It also presents an opportunity for transformative systemic change.

Whether treating respiratory disease from fossil fuel or wildfire pollution or protecting hospitals from floods, health care providers are first responders to these climate emergencies. Yet, health care’s climate footprint is also a significant contributor to this problem, with 4.6% of global net emissions. Health care’s most potent message is to lead by example–cutting emissions and adapting to a changing climate to build climate-resilient health systems.

According to the 2023 Lancet Countdown report, the healthcare-associated pollution from ozone and fine particulates contribute to about four million years of healthy life lost per year. 

Health care’s most potent message is to lead by example – cutting emissions quickly while building climate-resilient health systems.

By working together, we can embark on a road to recovery that’s healthier, more equitable, and more resilient for people and the planet. Health leaders can implement transformative solutions to prevent fossil fuel pollution and prepare systems and facilities for climate impacts.

Projects and initiatives

Government action

Learn about our international work advocating for policy changes for climate and health at international fora and government bodies.

Health care advocacy

We work with health care professionals to build a movement to advocate for climate commitments and solutions.

Climate learning initiative

Our guidance for climate action and collection of case studies featuring health care organizations implementing innovative solutions around the world.

Energy efficiency

Learn about our project on energy efficiency and cooling project hospitals in Argentina, China, and the Philippines.

Health Care Climate Challenge

Join our initiative, which engages health care institutions to commit to effective climate action while building collective impact.

Race to Zero

We are honored to be the health care partner of Race to Zero, the UN-backed global campaign to take action to halve global emissions by 2030.


Climate footprint report

The first global estimate of health care’s climate footprint. It identifies key sources of emissions and makes recommendations to meet climate goals.

Global road map for health care decarbonization

Our navigational tool to guide countries to achieve zero emissions with climate resilience and health equity.

Climate Impact Checkup

With Checkup, institutions can estimate their GHG footprint. A starting point to track emissions, support mitigation goals, and develop action plans.

Interested in joining us to build a health sector movement committed to more sustainable and resilient care and a healthier future for all?