New Movie | The Story of Change

Annie Leonard, fro the Story of Stuff, released The Story of Change movie, which argues that citizens – not shoppers – hold the key to a better future.

In the movie, what effective changemaking has looked like through history (hint: it didn’t focus on individual behavior change) is explored. It also shares the three ingredients you’ll find whenever people get together to build a better future: a Big Idea, a Commitment to work together, and the ability to turn that Big Idea and Commitment into Action.

Following the six-minute animated movie, viewers are encouraged to take a short quiz to assess their Changemaker Personality type (Communicator, Builder, Networker, Nurturer, Investigator or Resister), and offered an opportunity to participate in our newly launched Changemaker Challenge, a platform for crowdsourcing great Action ideas (please enter your action idea!). Self-identifying as a changemaker is the first step in then getting involved in making some much needed change.