Health Care Climate Challenge

Join our initiative for health care institutions to commit to effective climate action.

Each and every institution, regardless of its size or location, can play a crucial role in addressing climate change by building resilience at the facility, system, and community level while helping to prevent the problem by reducing the health sector's footprint. That's why we've created the Health Care Climate Challenge —an initiative designed to engage and equip health care institutions worldwide to commit to effective climate action. We can make a significant impact across countries and borders through collective efforts. The Climate Challenge currently has over 350 participants, representing the interests of more than 26,000 hospitals and health centers in 44 countries.

The Health Care Climate Challenge is also the gateway to the Race to Zero. Throughout 2021 and beyond, we're collaborating with the UNFCCC High Level Climate Champions to build a robust coalition of health care institutions that are joining other sectors of society in committing to net zero emissions and creating a more inclusive and resilient economy.

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We celebrate action

Participants are on the cutting edge of defining what truly climate-smart health care can and should be. We recognize their progress and commitments each year with our Climate Champion Awards. It's an opportunity to celebrate achievements across our three pillars of mitigation, resilience, and leadership and to showcase their leadership to the health care sector around the world. 


Health Care Climate Champions

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