GGHH Connect

GGHH Connect is an innovative multilingual social networking platform where members of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals initiative (hospitals, health systems, and health organizations from around the world) connect, learn, and collaborate with each other to support their efforts toward reducing the environmental footprint of the health sector.

A powerful multilingual Internet platform built in collaboration with Cisco and Skoll Foundation. GGHH Connect provides a hub to catalyze and accelerate large-scale change in the health sector. Members from around the world will, for the first time, be able to meet, teach, and learn from each other’s experiences, thereby accelerating achievement of our shared sustainability and environmental health goals in a borderless environment.

In addition to global collaboration opportunities, GGHH Connect houses a myriad new resources and tools, to assist members in their work, including:

  • Goal Communities— Members from around the world can meet, teach, and learn from each other’s experiences in a borderless, online environment
  • Team of Experts– Experts from around the world are online and available to answer questions, provide advice, and point members to resources to inform their work in each of the 10 GGHH Goals Connect, communicate, and collaborate with the GGHH member community
  • Case Studies– A growing library of case studies provides a resource for members to learn from each other and the work happening on the ground in hospitals around the globe
  • Self-Assessment Dashboard– Coming soon, these checklists help members develop a baseline, document success, and track progress on each GGHH goal they are working on
  • Guidance Documents — Step-by-step actions and resources to support members in implementing work on Energy, Buildings, Water and Waste. Currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.